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Pulling for Pollinators - Volunteer Event

July 16th, 2014
Grand Junction, CO
Help out some pollinators while getting some fresh air and exercise!  Join us as we pull weeds at the Watson Island Pollinator Garden!
When: Wednesday, July 16th; 7:00am-9:30 am
Where: Meet at the Riverfront Trailhead near Western Colorado Botanical Gardens (641 Struthers)
What to Bring: Water bottle, snacks, boots you aren't afraid of getting wet, and hand clippers (if you have them)
What: We will be pulling weeds and laying down a thick layer of wood mulch.
Why: Last fall, Tamarisk Coalition, in partnership with the City of Grand Junction and the Western Colorado Conservation Corps, installed a pollinator garden at Watson Island. Despite previous weed treatments on the site, kochia, a tall weedy species, is trying its darnedest to shade out the newly planted native plant species.
Please RSVP:  Call or email Shannon Hatch, Restoration Coordinator; 970-256-2400;
With your help, we can get a handle on the kochia!

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