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Riverside Stories

Tamarisk Coalition, thanks to funding provided by the Walton Family Foundation, presents the Riverside Stories series; 14 vignettes that capture the benefits of riparian (riverside) restoration beyond the science and numbers.  These vignettes highlight the personal stories of people across the West committed to healthy rivers and who are making an impact in their community.   
Click on the images below to read their full stories and considering making a contribution to support this work.  
Help us tell the personal stories behind river restoration and inspire others to take action - join us in sharing these with your friends and networks and consider making a donation to support this work!  If you have questions or comments about the Riverside Stories series, please contact Cara, Tamarisk Coalition's Outreach Coordinator, at or call 970-256-7400. 
Help us build a community of river restoration supporters and share these widely with your networks!   

We would like to thank the Walton Family Foundation for providing funding for this series and to all the individuals and partnerships involved in creating this project.

Photography by Zach Mahone Photography.  


Tamarisk Coalition's

mission is to advance the restoration of riparian lands through collaboration, education, and technical assistance.