Restore Our Rivers

Tamarisk Coalition is kicking off an exciting new initiative to invest in the long-term sustainability of nine watershed groups restoring six rivers throughout the Southwest and we want you to be involved!  
Your investment today will ensure that river protection continues and is sustained into the future. 

Investing in Communities and Sustained River Health

Rivers throughout the Southwestern United States are imperiled by invasive plants and degraded native habitat.  Fortunately,  the efforts of local grassroots, collaborative stakeholder groups are the solution to revitalizing these rivers and managing invasive plants effectively over the long-term.  
One of the biggest challenges these local groups face is ensuring their own long-haul survival, such that their hard-fought conservation work is protected and continued.  To address this challenge, Tamarisk Coalition is leading the Restore Our Rivers initiative, a $2.42M fundraising campaign to invest in the long-term viability of nine local, multi-stakeholder groups working on distinct yet interconnected river segments along the:
  • Colorado and Dolores Rivers (western Colorado/eastern Utah),
  • Colorado’s Purgatoire River,
  • Rio Grande in New Mexico,
  • Escalante River in Utah,
  • Verde River in Arizona, and
  • Virgin River through Nevada and Arizona 
Funds raised through Restore Our Rivers will support critical restoration activities that are difficult to finance via traditional (governmental) funding programs, such as:
  • Restoration planning,
  • Project coordination,
  • Fundraising and outreach, and
  • Project monitoring and maintenance – e.g.  follow up treatments of remaining weed infestations

Learn more about the Restore Our Rivers campaign here.

Join us in Restoring Our Rivers

We invite you to join the movement to restore rivers and make a donation to support the Restore Our Rivers campaign.  A gift of any amount will help communities throughout the Southwest enhance the health of rivers and, as a result, the quality of life for those of us fortunate enough to call this region home. 
To date, $1,180,741 (49% of the total goal) has been committed to this initiative including a commitment from all Tamarisk Coalition board members, Fire on the Mountain, Kannah Creek Brewing Company, Big Agnes, Xcel Energy, Black Hills Energy, Lawrence T and Janet T Dee Foundation, Walton Family Foundation, and many anonymous contributors. 

"In my own (seemingly short) lifetime, I've seen native landscapes bulldozed, cleared, built upon, overgrazed, and become weed-infested. I know for a fact that there is significantly less native land in the west than 40 years ago when I began my career as an ecologist. If the trend continues, what will we have left in my daughter's or granddaughter's later years? Pavement, cheatgrass, and roaches?  I am motivated to try to stop the downward trend in healthy landscapes."
- Marilyn Kastens, Navarro, Contractor to U.S. Department of Energy, and Restore Our Rivers Partner


Tamarisk Coalition's

mission is to advance the restoration of riparian lands through collaboration, education, and technical assistance.