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From classroom presentations and field trips with elementary students to hosting practitioner workshops and an annual conference, Tamarisk Coalition has long had a foundation of providing training and education opportunities related to riparian restoration.  
Through these training and educational opportunities, we aim to increase and encourage community members to become riparian stewards with a sense of ownership and pride in riparian lands. This pillar in our organization is accomplished through several avenues such as technical assistance, collaborative support for riparian restoration, and public outreach.  Additionally, the TC educational program helps us achieve our organizational goal of engaging new riparian stewards for the future. 
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Looking to learn more about invasive plants and why restoration is so important for healthy river systems, communities and local economies?  Visit our "Why Restore?" and "What is Tamarisk?" pages.

Tamarisk Coalition's

mission is to advance the restoration of riparian lands through collaboration, education, and technical assistance.